Mango Frozen Dessert

1 pint Haagen Dazs mango sorbet
1 small package Jello Vanilla Instant Pudding (regular or sugar free)
1 C cold 2% or fat free milk
8 oz tub Cool Whip (regular or sugar free)
Mango slices

Line a 9×5-inch loaf pan with foil.
Soften sorbet (if frozen hard) by microwaving on medium (50%) for 10-15 sec.
Spoon sorbet into prepared pan and smooth surface with spatula.
Freeze 10 min.
Whisk pudding and milk for 2 min, spread over sorbet. Smooth over with spatula.
Freeze at least 3 hours.
To serve: unmold onto plate. Remove foil. Let stand 10 min. before cutting into 3/4 – 1″ slices. Serve with fresh mango.
I also sometimes use silicone muffin molds or heart shaped molds to make pretty individual portions.
The recipe is also delicious with raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries. Mint leaves serve as a beautiful and fragrant garnish.

About mama huang

I love to cook and experiment with recipes. The ones published here have been adapted from recipes from various sources and are recipes that members of my family love and ask for.
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