Honey Lemon Marmalade

Yield: 14-16 cups

(still needs tweaking!)

8 C chopped lemons, pieces about 1/4″ x 1/2″ (about 14 lemons)
2 C honey
5-6 C sugar
3-4 C water
1/2 C Ball Classic Pectin (powder)


– Cut lemons into quarters and remove and save seeds.
– Chop lemons manually or in a food processor.
– Put all seeds in a small muslin spice pouch.
– Sterilize canning jars.
– Combine lemons, seed pouch (seeds help release pectin from fruit), honey, sugar               and  water together in a pot, Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, then simmer for 30-60   mins until peel is of desired softness.
– Adjust sweetness and sourness with more sugar and/or  water.
– Put pectin in a small bowl, gradually add and stir in 1-2 C of the hot mixture, then  stir      this pectin mix into the pot.
– Gently boil and stir for 5 more minutes.
– Fill jars and process in water bath for 10 mins. Turn heat off, leave in bath for 5               more mins before removing jars from water.


About mama huang

I love to cook and experiment with recipes. The ones published here have been adapted from recipes from various sources and are recipes that members of my family love and ask for.
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