Baked French Fries


1 lb new potatoes (or russet potatoes), cut into 1/4-1/2-inch-thick sticks
2 T olive oil (I use less)
1/4 t salt
1/8 t pepper

Arrange oven rack at lowest point.

Place a large rimmed baking sheet on rack and preheat oven to 500 deg.

In a large bowl, toss together all ingredients.

Spread potatoes out on the preheated baking sheet, return to the lowest rack, and roast until slightly golden and crispy, about 15 mins.

Toss  and stir potatoes around, reduce oven to 425 deg, and bake for 10-15 min more till golden and crispy.

Serve immediately.

About mama huang

I love to cook and experiment with recipes. The ones published here have been adapted from recipes from various sources and are recipes that members of my family love and ask for.
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